• 1958
    1958, Established
  • 1996
    1996, Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • 2006
    2006, Top 10 in the world
  • 2017
    2017, Top 7 in the world
Anhui Forklift Group Corporation Ltd. is a leading enterprise of industrial trucks in China. Its main business is R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial trucks, intelligent transport equipment and the relevant core parts, having the significant advantages of large scale, completed business chain, strong comprehensive strength and high economic benefits.
About CHL

As a new brand of Anhui Forklift Truck Group, CHL aims to create value for partners and customers, supporting a complete product solution.

CHL has 1-46t material handling equipment, including internal combustion forklift, lithium battery forklift, lead acid battery forklift, pallet jack and stacker, towing tractor, heavy duty forklift, rough terrain forklift, reach stacker, empty container handler, etc.

Our vision is to provide reliable solutions for all lifting jobs in the material handling industry.

  • 61-year professional experience
  • 11,000 professional employees
  • The most complete product line
  • Strong after-sales service support
  • Reliable and stable quality
  • Long-term partnership